Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Can 10 minutes on a magnetic bed cure all your aches and ailments? (Er, no)

Fantastic news - the UK is finally getting it's own electromagnetic clinic using the latest Bemer 3000 magnetic beds. Using 'Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulators' they emit a "pulse which is actually just below that of the earth's own magnetic field". It "balances energy defeciences", allows "self-healing on a cellular level" and boosts the immune system. It doesn't actually cure anything though, as the person opening the clinic makes very clear in this article (she also makes it clear that she has no idea how it works!) It's a pity that we don't have a responsible newspaper investigating this important issue of unverified health care, the only ones touching this are the Daily Mail.

The journalist asks a few good question, but falls into many common traps. "The Bemer 3000 promises to help... a menu of ailments so extensive you can't help wondering if you're actually being served up a prime loin of codswallop on a bed of humbug" - a good start, quickly followed by "you never know, do you?" and "It is estimated that the worldwide market for magnetic devices is £2.45 billion a year, we all couldn't have got it that wrong, surely?". Yes, they almost certainly have got it that wrong.

There is a very slim possibility that the Bemer could 'help' with the seemingly endless list of complaints on their website, but I'm going to steer well clear of anything that appears on Quackwatch as a dubious treatment, unless there's significant evidence that it works.

- Gavin Schofield

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  1. Magnetic healing, how Victorian. Are they going to rub them with magnets next?