Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Selling tools to Ghost Hunters - a Question

Imagine this scenario. You're working in an unnamed electronics store, and you get into a conversation with a potential customer. He asks you about Infared Thermometers, so you begin to demonstrate one you just happen to be holding. At this point he asks you if you sell EMF meters, and the alarm bells go off.

You've got yourself a ghost hunter! What would you do? I have absolutely no idea, and each time it happens I'm almost at a loss for words.

This happened to me yesterday, and it got me thinking. On this particular occasion, whilst rooting through the warehouse looking for the offending items, I desperately tried to remember the name of any Joe Nickell books, but my sieve-like memory failed me.

In the end I just had to sell the chap what he wanted, smiling and nodding at him. He wasn't unpleasant, just deluded, so I decided to leave him be. Was this the right thing to do? Would you have done anything different - leave us a comment if you've got any sort of opinion on the matter!

In related news, there's a great article over at Cracked about Ghost Hunting shows, I'd definitely recommend reading it, for me the highlight was this:

  1. Every loosely science based channel airs multiple shows where people search for ghosts.
  2. They all share one flaw.
  3. Ghosts are not f**king real.

Utter genius.

- Gavin Schofield